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Episode 3 – Carnaval, in the name of moderation

A short, impromptu episode about Carnaval that grew longer than I intended. It covers the origins of the holiday and its history in Brazil including the differences between Rio’s Carnaval and how Carnaval is celebrated further north in cities such as Salvador.

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Live Carnaval broadcast on YouTube this evening

Alert listener Olivia let me know that there will be a live broadcast of Carnaval in Salvador (the capital of the northeastern state of Bahia) on YouTube starting at 6pm my time, which is 4pm in the eastern US and 21:00 GMT.

The link is featured on YouTube’s front page though whether that’s only the case here or not I don’t know. In case it’s not, just click here.

Anyhow, the Salvador Carnaval is quite different from Rio de Janeiro’s and is (generally) considered to be more traditional as well as having a greater variety of music and dance styles.

In related news, I’m putting the finishing touches on an episode about Carnaval. I should have it read in a 2-3 hours.