Schedule of Initial Episodes

Brazilian Congress with rain on the background. Architecture by Oscar Niemeyer. Photo: Eurico Zimbres
Here is the plan for the first 10 or so episodes. I’m not going to put dates on these yet, but I expect to get these initial episodes out weekly or biweekly since they are all either high level or cover recent events (and thus information is easy to come by).

The first episode will be a short introduction to the podcast and me. It will be perhaps 5 minutes long, 10 at the most.

Next we’ll do a geography overview. A couple people have expressed a desire to learn what’s in Brazil besides the Amazon River and Rain Forest and I think such an episode would be easy enough to put together and useful as background for the next set of episodes.

And the next 4 or so will be an overview of the history of Brazil. This is going to be very high level, so low on details. Later on we can cover particular aspects of Brazil’s history in more detail. These are going to be high level and low on specific details. There are two reasons for this. First, I want to give people a decent background for the later, more detailed shows. I’d also like to get a basic body of information about Brazil out before the World Cup begins, so that people a basic idea of the history and culture of the country where the games are being played. Later on we’ll revisit many historical topic and get into more detail.

With the historical and geographical overview done, we’ll cover some recent events: the upcoming World Cup and Olympic games, the massive demonstrations in June & July of last year, whether Brazil is prepared to handle these huge events.

Tentative initial episode list:

000 – Introduction

001 – Geography Overview

002 – Brief history 1 – Before 1500, indigenous peoples and the arrival of Europeans.

003 – Brief history 2 – 1500 to 1808, colonial Brazil

004 – Brief history 3 – 1808 to 1930, Empire of Brazil and the Old Republic.

005 – Brief history 4 – 1931 to today, Dancing Democracies and Dictatorships

006 – World Cup and Olympic Games: the Bids

007 – World Cup and Olympic Games: will Brazil be ready?

008 – The 2013 Protests

009 – Cultural Overview


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