Favorite Podcasts

Naturally we are fans of other history podcasts, so here’s a list of our favorites. (Notably missing from this list, for those familiar with it, is The History of Rome podcast. It’s only missing because I haven’t listened to it yet and I didn’t want to recommend it without having done so.)

The China History Podcast – In many ways the inspiration for Brazil Culture & History. Laszlo Montgomery give an excellent overview of China’s dynastic history and then offers up a variety of topics from the whole range of the MIddle Kingdom’s history and culture.

The Bulgarian History Podcast – It was great to see this podcast. Bulgaria is one of the many countries few of us know much about – far less than most know about Brazil to be sure. Yet it has a rich and fascinating history.

The Podcast History of Our World – The history of the whole world, starting from the Big Bang, delivered with humor and wit. Rob Monaco is one of the most engaging podcasters out there.

The History of English Podcast – If you love history or the English language, you’ll love the detail and care Kevin Stroud puts into this amazing podcast. If you love both history and English, do not pass this podcast up!

The Ancient World – You enjoy Scott Chesworth dry humor in his narration of the world’s ancient civilizations (not just those in the ancient near esat!) up to the year 500 BCE.

The History of Iran Podcast – Another podcast covering a country whose history few are familiar with. With relations between Iran and the west slowly warming, this is a very timely podcast.

Hardcore History – Dan Carlin brings his distinctive point of view to a wide variety of topics in history. He’ll make you think about these events and people in ways you never would have otherwise.

The Egyptian History Podcast – If you want a deeper look into the ancient and fascinating history of Egypt this is the podcast for you. Narrated by Dominic Wells, a graduate student of Egyptology, so her really knows his stuff!


To be sure, this is not the only podcast about Brazil, not even the only English language one…

Live in Brazil is a combination of podcast and blog. It discusses various topics and issues related to, you guessed it, living in Brazil. It’s mainly aimed at Americans (its host is an American expat as well), but any one thinking of moving to Brazil or just wanting to learn about what Brazil is like today will find it useful.

Brazilianisms is also hosted by an American expat living living here in Brazil. He covers a variety of topics about life in Brazil and current events.


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