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Episode 11 – Lava Jato #2


A brief update on the on-going corruption investigations and current political situation in Brazil. Thousands, sometimes millions of people have protested against (in some combination): corruption, the currently-in-power Workers’ Party, President Rousseff, and ex-President Lula.There have been counter-protests, but in general they have been smaller as the Workers’ Party’s support has plummeted as a result of the scandal. Impeachment seems imminent.

Whither episode 6?

Hey everybody, this is just a quick note to explain the delay in episode 6.

As I was editing it, I grew less and less happy with the sound quality. I had just ordered some new equipment – in particular a pop filter. Since I expected it to arrive soon, I decided to wait for it and re-record the episode. However, it is taking rather more time to arrive than expected.

At this point I’m sort of on the fence. I keep thinking the filter et cetera will arrive Real Soon Now. On the other hand, it has been far too long already.

So, if it doesn’t arrive Monday (the 12th) I’ll just finished editing what I have and re-record another time.


Check out the episode!

Brazil’s Big Projects: more bust and fizzle than boom and fortune

Last year former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva signed a contract with the New York Times as an op-ed columnist. So, it’s been with no small amount of interest that I’ve watched a steady stream of content critical of Brazil appear in The Times in recent months.

Much of it is fair criticism – Brazil can be fairly criticized for a great may things. Some is, of course, off the mark as well. In the former category is a pair of articles that appeared last week. Continue reading Brazil’s Big Projects: more bust and fizzle than boom and fortune

Superinteressante, super apropros

2014-02-05 11.45.31I’ve been spending some time reading and writing episodes between fiddling with the Kickstarter (which I’ll submit for to review in few days). As I mentioned I’m going to start with a history overview, including the pre-Columbian history. Naturally, the Pre-Columbian era will be the first of the history overview episodes.

I was delighted to see the cover of this month’s issue of Superinteressante (sort of the Brazilian equivalent of Popular Science in the US). The center text, “O Brasil antes de Cabral”, means “Brazil before Cabral”. Who or what is Cabral, you ask? Good question! Cabral refers to Pedro Álvares Cabral, the first Portuguese navigator to land in what is now Brazil. Although one or two Spaniards had been there a few years earlier, Cabral is considered the discoverer of Brazil as it was he who formally claimed the land for Portugal.