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Brazil’s Big Projects: more bust and fizzle than boom and fortune

Last year former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva signed a contract with the New York Times as an op-ed columnist. So, it’s been with no small amount of interest that I’ve watched a steady stream of content critical of Brazil appear in The Times in recent months.

Much of it is fair criticism – Brazil can be fairly criticized for a great may things. Some is, of course, off the mark as well. In the former category is a pair of articles that appeared last week. Continue reading Brazil’s Big Projects: more bust and fizzle than boom and fortune

Roberto Unger, Brazil’s Minister of Strategic Planning, interviewed on Philosophy Bites podcast

One of my favorite podcasts, Philosophy Bites, interviewed Roberto Unger, the minister of the Secretaria de Assuntos Estratégicos (Department of Strategic Planning, more or less). The SAE is a cabinet level department so this is a nice feather in the cap of the podcast. The interview is about Unger’s philosophy of what he calls “deep freedom”, but wanders into some political talk as well.

Enjoy it here.


Live Carnaval broadcast on YouTube this evening

Alert listener Olivia let me know that there will be a live broadcast of Carnaval in Salvador (the capital of the northeastern state of Bahia) on YouTube starting at 6pm my time, which is 4pm in the eastern US and 21:00 GMT.

The link is featured on YouTube’s front page though whether that’s only the case here or not I don’t know. In case it’s not, just click here.

Anyhow, the Salvador Carnaval is quite different from Rio de Janeiro’s and is (generally) considered to be more traditional as well as having a greater variety of music and dance styles.

In related news, I’m putting the finishing touches on an episode about Carnaval. I should have it read in a 2-3 hours.