Episode 6 – The Dutch Strike Back and Brazil Strikes Gold (Quick History #3)

We cover the rest of the 17th century in this episode. The Dutch recover from their initial failures to conquer Portugal’s Atlantic colonies and conquer northern Brazil along with several other colonies, including Angola. The Dutch were pretty decent rulers, but there were too many cultural differences. In the midst of this, Portugal decides to reestablish its crown separate from Spain and must fight for its existence against Spanish, leaving Brazil and the colonies largely on their own in fighting the Dutch. Exciting times!

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Whither episode 6?

Hey everybody, this is just a quick note to explain the delay in episode 6.

As I was editing it, I grew less and less happy with the sound quality. I had just ordered some new equipment – in particular a pop filter. Since I expected it to arrive soon, I decided to wait for it and re-record the episode. However, it is taking rather more time to arrive than expected.

At this point I’m sort of on the fence. I keep thinking the filter et cetera will arrive Real Soon Now. On the other hand, it has been far too long already.

So, if it doesn’t arrive Monday (the 12th) I’ll just finished editing what I have and re-record another time.


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