Episode 2 – The Pre-Columbian period

What was Brazil like before the arrival of the Portuguese? How did the early Amazonians live? Where did they come from and when?

Why did Europe finally sail into the west? What was going on in Spain and Portugal that prompted people to make the first dangerous voyages into the Atlantic?

It’s a lot to cover, but, with a lot of reading, writing, recording, agonizing over what details to put in, which prompted some rewriting and rerecording, episode 2 is complete.

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Episode 1 – Geology & Geography

Today we cover a very tiny amount of the geology & geography of South American and a more substantial, but still limited, amount of Brazil’s physical and political geography. I also tacked on a thumbnail sketch of how the government is organized today since it seemed to go well enough after the political geography.

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Superinteressante, super apropros

2014-02-05 11.45.31I’ve been spending some time reading and writing episodes between fiddling with the Kickstarter (which I’ll submit for Kickstarter.com to review in few days). As I mentioned I’m going to start with a history overview, including the pre-Columbian history. Naturally, the Pre-Columbian era will be the first of the history overview episodes.

I was delighted to see the cover of this month’s issue of Superinteressante (sort of the Brazilian equivalent of Popular Science in the US). The center text, “O Brasil antes de Cabral”, means “Brazil before Cabral”. Who or what is Cabral, you ask? Good question! Cabral refers to Pedro Álvares Cabral, the first Portuguese navigator to land in what is now Brazil. Although one or two Spaniards had been there a few years earlier, Cabral is considered the discoverer of Brazil as it was he who formally claimed the land for Portugal.